Xopus – Your Next Level SteemPress Hosting and Management Service.


Xopus – SteemPress Hosting and Management Service. The kicker a daily vote to your SteemPress Blog Post once every 24 hours.
You might have already noticed and or heard about @steempress-io. a WordPress plugin that bridges wordpress outside world to the steemit ecosystem.

Only 5 STEEM a month you can have a well managed and crafted Steempress experience.
Monthly Fee Of 5 STEEM have a SteemPress Enabled Website. Be placed on Our SteemAuto 1 vote per 24 hours (Depending on growth). Create Great content to catch an upvote from @steempress-io.

Have you heard of @steempress-io?



Steempress is the WordPress plug-in built and operated by @fredrikaaand @howo to allow automated posting from any WordPress blog to the STEEM blockchain! Steempress aims to help you monetize your content and reach new audiences with your content by displaying it on numerous front-ends.

With the current delegation of 1,000,000 steem power, @steempress-io is working to curate content published to the Steem blockchain using the SteemPress plugin for WordPress. For more information on Steempress check out @steempress-io.   That is great news now with a chance to get a vote from @steempress-io. you can also get one with @xopus. 

Why Xopus?


  • Dedicated Server.
  • Sub Domain of xopus.io Example: https://blog.xopus.io
  • Everything is installed for you.
  • Daily vote to one of your Steempress posts.
  • SSL
  • Full backup of your site daily.
  • Place own ads (if you’d like)

Extra features, mail capabilities for newsletters or updates to your subscribers. A Bitcoin faucet on your blog site if you’d like. Cool right?

How to get a WordPress site set up with Xopus.

  1. Send 5 STEEM to @xopus
  2. In memo Section include the name of your blog.
  3. Wait 24 Hours to get an encrypted memo with admin and password to your WP Dashboard. (make sure to change after logging)


The set up is than super easy to set up your Steempress account to your Steem account.

@steempress-io bridges the wordpress outside world to the steemit ecosystem, now better with @xopus taking care of you. PS: The membership pays its self with the votes you get, which will be used to expand @xopus’s SP. PPS: We are not affiliated with @steempress-io. as much as we want to though we are @xopus. at your service.

Want to earn 100 % from your delegation proportionally to the delegation amount.

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There is a Bonus

Delegators will have the chance to get a random upvote from the Bot. This is a way that @chronocrypto find to reward those who sopport the bot from the beginning. You will earn extra profit for being early contributors.

Payouts will be caried out on a daily basis and minimum delegation is 10 SP. The bot votes exactly every 2.5 hours

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If you already want to invest, here are some handy links:

Invest 12.5SP]
Invest 20SP
Invest 50SP
Invest 100SP
Invest 200SP
Invest 500SP
Invest 1000SP
Invest 2000SP

Also you can delegate a customized amount of SP with SteemBottracker tool

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@chronoboost is one of the three main projects currently developed by @chronocrypto. All three are the first lights of a steem-based ecosystem called Chronopolis

All images on this table are form this source.


If you want more detailed information about these interesting projects visit this post or contact @chronocrypto.

Also you have 24/7 customer support in the in Chronopolis Discord Channel.

First image and line-breaks are created by @joelsegovia as well as the footer for @chronoboost and @chronopolis services.

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