Xopus Now only 5 STEEM for life!!!!!

@chronocrypto is the developer of the first self-paid steempress enabled website, he is trying to push forward his service throught fundition to create a platform that could bridge the outside blogger world and steemit.

State of the art

@xopus is already well-established service

Many users have signed up in @xopus almost immediatly, they are already enjoying a professional-mantained web hosting service, more exposure for their posts, and daily upvotes on the @xopus trail.

Why support @xopus on fundition?

Currently, for a one time life fee of 5 steem @xopus offers:

  • Dedicated Server.
  • Sub-Domain of xopus.io Example: https://blog.xopus.io
  • Everything is preinstalled for you.
  • Daily vote to one of your Steempress posts.
  • SSL
  • Full backup of your site daily.
  • Place own ads (if you’d like).
  • Mail capabilities for newsletters or updates to your subscribers.
  • A Bitcoin faucet on your blog site if you’d like.

The icing on the cake is that if you craft some really good post, you could get an upvote from the one million SP holder account @steempress-io.

@xopus goal is to provide a free service to all users that would like a steempress WordPress site. Funds allocation will serve to cover operational costs and grow the voting power of @xopus, thus more and more users will have access to a high-quality service that will boost the massive adoption of Steemit.

Before @xopus most people see @chronocrypto like 

After @xopus everybody see@chronocrypto like

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