Steempress- 5 Steem Xopus fully managed

Hunter’s comment

For just a one time fee of 5 steem @xopus offers a full professional hosting and maintenance of your steempress site with some extra bonuses.

List of most promissing features:

  • Dedicated Server.
  • Sub Domain of Example:
  • Everything is preinstalled for you.
  • Lucky vote to one of your Steempress posts by @steempress-io.
  • SSL
  • Full backup of your site daily.
  • Place own ads (if you’d like).
  • Mail capabilities for newsletters or updates to your subscribers.
  • A Bitcoin faucet on your blog site if you’d like.

The icing on the cake is that if you craft some really good post, you could get an upvote from the one million SP holder account @steempress-io.


Link: Xopus


Hunter: @chronocrypto

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